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Kamisama Dolls Dubbed


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Kamisama Dolls Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Kamisama Dolls Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Kamisama Dooruzu
Genres: action, comedy, drama, psychological, romance, science fiction, supernatural
Themes: Atonement, Gods, Living Dolls, Revenge, Tragic Past
Status: Completed
Summary: Kyōhei, a university student, has moved to Tokyo from his old village to try to forget his unpleasant memories of certain events. One evening he goes on a group date with his friends, including his old neighbor and fellow student, Hibino. Later that night, he and Hibino discover a dead, bloody body in an elevator. Unexpectedly, his younger sister, Utao, arrives on the scene with her kakashi (an ancient wooden "god" controlled by the mind) and tells him that his old friend Aki and his kakashi are responsible. A series of encounters follow and Hibino learns that her father is from the same village as Kyōhei and Utao. She later accompanies them to "Karakami" village, the origin of the kakashi, and finds out many things about the kakashi, as well as Kyōhei, Aki, and Utao.
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